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Playground Equipments

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Play Systems
To provide our clients the competitive edge in their competition, we at, Sapphire thoroughly understand the vision, preferences, requirements and constraints of the client. Accordingly we conceptualise and customise our multi activity play systems, flooring and aesthetics. Our every product is well designed with thrust on precision, performance, safety and durability.

We have always believed in maintaining mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with all our clients, hence our customer service department religiously follows up with all our clients on a regular basis. Just in time supply and quick response service have earned us the cutting edge and awesome reverence from the valued clients.

Our play systems, indoor as well as outdoor, are well admired by the industry for its Durability, prominent Safety features, Aesthetic designs and Weather-tuff paint & coatings.
  • Multi Activity Play Systems
  • Slides, Swings, Sea-Saws
  • Riders, Climbers, Scramblers
  • Trampoline, Thrillers
  • Garden Decor, Benches, Dustbins
  • Physical Development of Children:
    • Increases height
    • Reduces obesity
    • Builds stamina
    • Develop muscles
    • Better co-ordination of body parts
  • Emotional Development of Children:
    • Boosts self confidence
    • Relaxes mind
    • Reduces anxiety
    • Helps in self expression
    • Happiness and enjoyment
  • Mental Development of Children::
    • Improves concentration
    • Creative and out-of-box thinking
    • Strengthens determination
    • Develops problem solving skills
    • Proximity to nature
  • Social Development of Children:
    • Develops a caring & sharing attitude
    • learns team-building and co-operation
    • improves vocabulary & communication skills
    • develops negotiation skills
    • conflicts resolution
    • Aesthetic designs
    • highest safety features
    • weather-tuff powder coatings
    • no sharp edges at contact parts
    • uv resistant paint & coating
    • designs of international standards
    •  Durable Cover on Handle Chains
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    Swinging Looprung
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    Playground Equipments - Outdoor Playground Equipments - Kids Playground Equipments.

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