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Children Playground Rubberized Flooring
Indoor Sports Flooring - Badminton Court,GYM Flooring ,Squash Court
Outdoor Sports Flooring - Tennis court ,Jogging Track , Basketball Court

Outdoor Sports Flooring

   System Description :-   Hardcourt is an economic court that is a favorite with many players.
 The system has no cushioning layers but has appearance and durability characteristics that match ,it is a  hard- court acrylic system
   SIZE OF COURT :-   
   Tennis court    =    60'x120' =7200 sqft 
   Volleyball court=   30'x60'   =1800 sqft (keep 2'ft extra if required)
   Product Specification :-   
   used for basketball , tennis ,volleyball,softball…court size will be different according game
   Benefits and Characteristics :-   
    > Cost-effective. The most affordable surface system.
    > 1-year limited warranty.
    > Durable and low maintenance. Yearly cleaning and recoating
    > every 5-7 years is recommended.
    > Good for tennis, basketball and inline hockey.
    > Reliable ball bounce and good traction.
    > Court speed can be predetermined by controlling the amount of aggregate added to the top coat.
    > Hard courts with a coating system are durable and provide good traction for a variety of sports.
    > A coating system works well for courts that are faded or have minor cracking problems. It can also     used on top of other types of repairs. A cushioned version is also available which includes several     additional layers of rubber particles that give the court a softer feel and makes it easier on the body.
    > Standard Coating System : This surface is a 100% acrylic latex color-intense sports surface     formulated for use over asphalt and concrete. It is ideal for tennis courts, basketball courts and inline     hockey rinks. Our most popular choice.
    > Cushioned Coating System : The cushioned surface combines the same consistency and durability     as the standard coating system but adds layers of rubber particles to absorb shock and reduce the     impact on a player's body.
Tennis court Basketball Court Jogging Track Horse Track

Tennis court flooring


Basketball Court Flooring


Jogging Track Flooring


Horse Track


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